Towing With A Pole: Safety Instructions

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If your car does not start despite starting help, the only thing that can help is towing it with the help of another vehicle. The tow bar is recommended as an alternative to the tried and tested tow rope – but there are a few things to consider to ensure safety.

The Requirements For Towing With A Rod

Especially for inexperienced drivers, a tow bar is safer than a rope because the distance between the two vehicles is constant. However, in this case, too, an experienced person should drive the defective vehicle. In any case, both drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

Of course, the broken-down vehicle must still be maneuverable. This means that the steering and brakes must be intact. If this is not the case, then only a tow company can help.

Note that transferring a deregistered or uninsured vehicle using a pole or rope is not permitted. For this, you have to get red license plates. Towing a defective vehicle is only permitted to the nearest workshop or, if this is closer, to your front door.

This is how you can safely tow the vehicle

First, you discuss with the other driver which route should be taken.

First, attach the rod to the broken vehicle. Every car registered in Germany (except a few old-timers or rare foreign vehicles) has a hook or other device on the front under the bumper to which you can attach the bar. With newer vehicles, you may have to screw on the hook first. First, read the manufacturer’s instructions here. If no device is available, the trolley must be transported away differently.

Now drive or the other person backward as close as necessary to the defective vehicle. It is safest if the other person instructs the driver. Then attach the bar to the vehicle in front.

Switch on the hazard warning lights on both vehicles. Release the handbrake on the defective vehicle and disengage it. With automatic vehicles, you have to set the gearshift to “N.”

Now the driver of the tow vehicle can drive off carefully. Drive appropriately to the traffic, but not faster than 50 km / h. There are also no special rights on motorways; the hard shoulder must be kept clear in any case. In the city, this also applies to bus or taxi lanes.

If towing with a pole seems too unsafe for you, you can ask friends or acquaintances whether they have a trailer for a car and use it to tow the defective vehicle. The automobile club helps here and takes over the towing. Therefore, think about such a membership. This saves a lot of time and gives you a feeling of security in the event of the following breakdown. Search for vehicle services 24 hr. (บริการยานพาหนะ 24 ชม. which is the term in Thai)


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