How To Improve Concentration When Studying

The idea of ​​improving concentration when studying involves two main points that should be evaluated:

  • Study environment;
  • Structure of study sessions.

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What Do You Need To Consider At This Moment And Be Able To Study?

  1. Get Rid Of Distractions

Think back to the last time you stopped to study. How long have you tried to study, and how long have you studied? If these questions were a very different number of hours, you need to rethink what is causing this issue.

You need to get rid of distractions. Tip: put your cell phone aside, reassess the environment you’ve chosen to study, and see if your concerns are difficult to control (if this is happening, seek professional help to try to resolve this issue. It could be a counselor or even a psychologist if you think better).

  1. Analyze The Conditions Of Your Study Environment

Have you ever stopped to think that the chair you sit in can influence your study time? It should be comfortable enough for you to be able to sit for 45-50 minutes.

The organization of your desk also influences the lighting, temperature, and ventilation of the room you choose to spend that time studying. Many people may find this obvious, but they don’t pay attention when setting up the study environment and have problems concentrating because of it.

  1. Have All Study Materials

When you start a study session, make sure you have all your necessary materials. Think about what you need to accomplish the goals for that session and take it to the place you have reserved to do so.

  1. Set Realistic Goals For The Study Sessions

You must have realistic goals for your study sessions. This can help you manage your stress level; after all, you can become unmotivated and highly stressed if you set goals that are too hard to meet.

  1. Decide The Order Of Subjects That Need To Be Studied

This makes your study plan more specific. Generally, it’s best to start with the most challenging part because concentrating can be the greatest at the beginning of studies. It’s easier to find the motivation to study what you like, and it’s easier even if you’re tired and with less energy.

  1. Plan A Reward

Think of a reward. It can be watching your favorite sitcom, chatting with a friend, going to the movies, or anything else you enjoy doing. Make a list of rewards. So you don’t have to stop and think every day. But remember: you will only get the reward if you do everything planned for your study session.


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