Tips for Corporate Event Catering

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Hosting a corporate event can be a lot of fun, but it can also be hectic and stressful if you don’t follow some basic rules. When planning a corporate event catering, follow these simple suggestions. Pick an excellent caterer that specializes in corporate catering, and has experience with your specific industry. What’s your budget? Is the event large or small? All these factors should be considered before you decide on what caterer to hire.

Your company s whole global management team? Consider not just who you are catering for, but why and who the people are who will be attending your event. For instance, consider whether you’re attempting to impress or wow your guests, to go above and beyond the normal, or out of the box. To feed your guests well means you need good-tasting food and service, so plan your menu well in advance.

Your corporate event catering company is part of your overall business strategy. Ask them to offer you an integrated approach, which means they should present your company and its offerings from every angle to the audience. Will your guests come for the ambiance? Will they be looking for great food or a unique experience? If you’re looking for a fun, engaging, and family-friendly environment, consider a theme.

Corporate catering can be provided from one venue or several different venues. A great way to save money is by combining catering services from several different companies and individuals. Inexpensive options include renting a venue for lunch, dinner, or a combination of lunches and dinners; renting a banquet hall and providing chefs, servers, and beverages for one reception; or using a ballroom for more intimate dinners and receptions with a focus on elegance and style.

Your catering provider can also make the food choices available to your guests as much as possible. Let them be in control of many of the food choices and pair them with drinks that suit their particular taste preferences. If your guests are more health-conscious, let them have organic or light choices in food like salad, grilled chicken, or light salads. If they are craving a sweeter option, let them have non-traditional dessert options like freshly baked cookies, pies, and cupcakes. Consider healthy options for snacks like wheat bread and trail mix for a healthier alternative for many people.

Finally, make sure to coordinate with your hostess ahead of time. Involve her in the process from the beginning by sending her e-mail updates on the status of invitations, food selection, and even bottle selections. Let her know if the event will be alcohol-free or not, as alcohol can impact guests’ ability to be sober.

Also, it is always best to send a couple of different invitations so that no attendees miss out on your chance to celebrate. Catering for corporate events should be a fun process that leaves your guests feeling appreciated and the atmosphere set up for an enjoyable event. Be organized, creative, and approachable and you will reward yourself with a successful outcome.


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