Penis Envy Mushrooms and Psilosybin Mushrooms

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While you may see penis envy as something rather benign and natural to possess, it can become a serious issue if it begins to take over your life. If you are the type that feels a little embarrassed or ashamed when other people look at you for the way you appear to have a small penis, then penis envy may be affecting your life. Even though it is a completely normal human phenomenon, those with enlarged genitals believe it to be something that is embarrassing. A penis larger than six inches is considered to be normal. A penis that is longer than seven inches is considered to be above the normal range.

Luckily for you, today’s scientists are not looking to criminalize penis envy. Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department has issued statements freezing any possible attempts to criminalize penis size or related issues related to the topic. The reason why they have made this determination is because of the dangers of drug use related to mushrooms. In the past, doctors have suggested using certain pheromone products in order to encourage people to have sexual encounters with you. Pheromones are basically chemicals that are naturally excreted from animals, but which can fool humans into thinking they are coming from a member of that species.

Scientists have now confirmed that they contain pheromones, which will cause all members of a mating group to react in a sexual manner. Unfortunately, they also confirmed that pheromones can be used by other individuals outside of a mating pair for similar effects. With this discovery comes the opportunity to experiment with various types of psychedelic mushrooms to see if they will have the same effects on men who are suffering from penis envy. So far, scientists have managed to isolate three specific types of psilocybe which appear to have the greatest effect on men who suffer from this disorder.

The three strains that have been tested are Psilocybe aerata, P. coccineum, and P. glandula. Each of these appears to have its own unique effect on men who suffer from this condition. The most common strain, known as P. aerata, is found from spores while the other two strains are all found from a specific type of mushroom only found in the South American continent. The mushrooms found within the U.S. are mostly collected in California. The most unusual looking strain, which is called penis envy mushrooms, is from a type of phallic mushroom which is commonly called button mushrooms or horny goat weed.

All three of these varieties of psilosybe are available throughout the world at varying degrees of potency and quality. The highest potency of all three of these strains is P. aeratora, which is usually found in the dried form while the lower quality versions are often found in capsule form. This has led to the creation of various supplements containing only P. aerators and other lesser-quality P. strains which are more useful to users.

Penis envy mushrooms are also known to have a number of side effects, although these are uncommon. In fact, many of these side effects are considered by most doctors to be either rare or non-existent. However, some men do report that P. frondosa, one of the lesser-quality varieties, can cause temporary bruising of the penis. Many people suffering from this condition, especially those who lack energy, find it difficult to get an erection. If a man has consumed enough P. frondosa, however, he may feel less desire for sexual intercourse as the bruised penis becomes less sensitive and does not produce an erection.


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