Best places in Japan to visit during Spring

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Japan has always been one of those countries that strike the fascination of too many people. The reason behind this is a great culture that is wrapped around the oldest civilization and cradles in the lap of nature. The beauty of this country is also enhanced multiple times in every season and in a different way. One of the famous times as such is the Japan Spring. It is that time of the year when the skies and lands of Japan are all covered with the cherry blossom flowers. Here are some of the best places to visit in Japan during spring.

Inner parks of the city of Tokyo

The best beauty of the spring is seen in the cities of Japan. Kyoto is particularly famous for this representation. However, Tokyo, the capital city makes it look feeble in its front. Tokyo presents the best of cherry blossoms carpeting the roads and the parks alike. This is an exclusive union of the urbanscape and nature where these spring flowers act as a bridging factor. To witness this epic and unique phenomenon, one can visit any park in the capital city of Tokyo.

Yoshino’s Bubblegum Mountains

It is one of the key spring attractions in Japan and makes a place into every traveler’s itinerary whenever they visit Japan during spring. A unique fact about the place is that most of the trees here are believed to be planted more than thirteen hundred years ago. These trees together form cloudy and balloon type structures whenever they blossom. It gives the unique look of inflated bubblegum all around.

Seaside park of Hitachi

This is a perfect choice for a weekend trip around Tokyo during a spring vacation. Ibraki holds a lot in its lap, especially when it comes to spring season where it invokes the best from its seaside park. It is the best spot for tracking spring flowers and discovering tropes of cherry blossom.


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