Top Scams to Be Aware of When Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is a platform with over one billion active monthly users. That’s a lot of potential customers! So, it is not surprising that businesses are stressing about getting their products and services in front of as many eyeballs as possible. But beware, scammers are preying on unsuspecting businesses that want to buy followers. This blog post will reveal the top scams to be aware of when you find the best place to buy instagram followers

1. The Fake Follower Scam:

This scam is perpetrated by individuals or companies who sell fake followers—that is, computer-generated accounts that inflate your follower count but provide zero engagement. These fake followers are a waste of money and can damage your brand reputation by giving your business a false sense of popularity.

2. The Follow/Unfollow Scam:

This is a variation of the fake follower scam, but instead of selling you fake followers, the scammer will follow your account and then quickly unfollow you once you have reciprocated the follow. This is done to inflate your follower count without providing any real value. Again, this can damage your brand reputation and waste time and money. With sites like MegaFamous, you can get the best service.

3. The Bot Scam:

There are bots—software programs that automate specific tasks—that can be used to like, comment on, and follow other accounts on Instagram. While there are some legitimate uses for bots (such as managing multiple accounts or helping you find new potential customers), many people use them for nefarious purposes, such as artificially inflating their engagement numbers or spamming other users with unwanted comments and messages.

4. The Spam Scam:

Like email spam, spam on Instagram takes many forms, such as likes from random accounts, comments from unknown users that include links to dubious websites, or messages from suspicious-looking profiles trying to sell you something. These types of spam are annoying and can lead you to malicious websites or phishing scams that steal your personal information.

5. The Fake Contest Scam:

This scam involves creating a fake contest or giveaway and asking users to like, comment on, or share your post to enter. Once the contest ends, the scammer deletes all evidence of the contest and keeps all the likes, comments, and shares for themselves (and possibly sells them to other users looking to inflate their engagement artificially).

6. The Shadowban Scam:

A shadowban is when Instagram restricts an account’s visibility so that only its existing followers can see its posts. This can happen for many reasons, such as using banned hashtags or being reported for spammy behavior. However, some unscrupulous individuals out there will claim they can lift your shadowban for a fee—when in reality, only Instagram can do this.


As you can see, many scams are out there targeting businesses who want to buy followers on Instagram. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of these scams, so you don’t fall victim to them yourself! Remember: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So always do your research before handing over any money—and if you ever suspect someone is trying to scam you on Instagram, report them immediately so they can’t take advantage of anyone else!


Sage Ariana Davis: Sage, a financial news writer, provides updates on the stock market, personal finance tips, and economic news.

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