Tips For Choosing The Perfect Boot.

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Choosing the perfect boot such as the Belleville military boots for example may seem easy, but there are always many questions when choosing the model. The good news is that there is always a boot model that perfectly matches your style, and we will help you with this choice!

How many of us have ever loved a boot or boot on the shelf of a store and when trying to get the feeling that it doesn’t look good? With so much variety, it’s normal to be a little lost or undecided about the type of boot to wear, so it’s essential to know the characteristics of each boot or boot to find the model that best suits your style day and night. -to-day and personality.

How To Wear Low Heel Boots

Low-heel boots are super practical and comfortable, so they’re great for a lifestyle that needs comfort. Opt for models with modern textures, elegant details, and shiny details, so you’ll never lose the charming look of the cold season. In the world of low-heeled boots, we can find two well-known models, the Chelsea model, and the Ankle boot. Both models are short-barreled, very versatile, and timeless.


The “Ankle-Boot” ankle boots are characterized by their short ankle length. They are perfect for any occasion, from more formal moments to a simple outing for a walk. Opt for ankle boots with perfect combinations of classic tones with hints of shine or even Croco textures for work. If you’re going out for a walk, these ankle boots will be perfect with dresses, skirts, or capri pants that emphasize your femininity.

How To Wear High Jump Boots

There are more and more super trend options with maximum comfort for you who don’t give up those extra centimeters. High heel boots always add a touch of sensuality to the look, so they are ideal for very feminine outfits. High heels are mandatory in all types of boots, from Ankle-Boots, mid-calf boots, the famous Texan boots, and high-top models. Whenever you want a more feminine look, choose a boot model that has high heels, it will be the right choice

Mid-Calf Boots

Mid-top models are a good solution for taller women. Short-legged women should not opt ​​for this model, as they need something that elongates their legs. Mid-calf boots are ideal for pairing with mid-length garments. Opt for mid-calf boots that are tighter to the leg to ensure balance with what you are wearing, but be careful not to tighten too much on the calves, preventing normal blood circulation making the shoe uncomfortable. Among mid-calf boots, Texan boots are a favorite of boho-style women and are still in fashion! Texan boots are naturally inspired by the models worn by cowboys, with striking details and a thin toe.

High-Top Boots

“Over the knee” boots, which are those above the knee, are ideal for thin and tall women, as they follow the silhouette of the body. High boots are usually worn untucked and give a bolder and irreverent style. A trick to give the effect of an elongated silhouette is to wear pants in a similar color to the boot.


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