Numbing Cream: What It Is And Where To Get It

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Numbing cream is a topical pain reliever applied to sore muscles or joints. It relieves pain without causing numbing of the skin. It contains lidocaine and phenyltoluene.

Numbing creams are usually applied before bedtime, and they can cause drowsiness. They contain no alcohol and are safe for children and adults.

You can get numbing creams at over-the-counter drug stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and even health food stores. As with anything else, always read the label carefully. You should also check out other types of pain relief options such as prescription medications.

What is a numbing cream?


A numbing cream (also called a topical analgesic) is a substance that temporarily relieves pain. Typically, numbing creams work by blocking the nerve signals that transmit painful sensations to your brain. These types of substances usually have some sort of opioid in them, which means they bind to receptors on nerves and stop them from transmitting messages to your brain. They may also affect your mood since opioids are often associated with euphoria.

The best thing about using a numbing cream is that it gives you immediate relief without having to wait for the effects of any other medication. However, these products do not last long, and they won’t give you a strong high. Also, they aren’t suitable for people who are allergic to certain ingredients, including latex and preservatives.

How to choose the right tattoo numbing cream for you?

Here are a few things to check before buying a numbing cream:

  1. Anesthesia- Anesthesia is the medical term for numbing pain sensations. To ensure a safe and effective experience, you need to know what type of anesthesia is appropriate for your situation.
  2. Pain relief- Pain relief varies greatly based on individual circumstances. If you have mild pain, local anesthetic creams can provide adequate relief. If you’re experiencing severe pain, injectable anesthetics may be necessary.
  3. Duration- Most numbing creams last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Topicals tend to wear off faster than injections. However, some numbing creams are designed specifically for prolonged use. You should check the label to determine how long the product lasts before applying more.
  4. Ease of application- You want to make sure the numbing cream is easily applied and doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. Look for a product that’s simple to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind. Also, look for a product that won’t stain your clothes. Some numbing creams leave a greasy residue that attracts dirt and bacteria, making you feel unclean.
  5. Cost- If you plan on using a topical or injection numbing cream regularly, look for a product with long-lasting results. Many numbing creams expire after only a few uses, so find something that works well for longer.

Benefits of using numbing cream-

There are many benefits of using numbing cream for skin as follows:

  • One of the biggest advantages of using numbing creams is its convenience. When compared to prescription drugs, numbing creams are relatively safe and effective.
  • They are cheap. When you use prescription medications, you need to pay hefty prices for them. These products are generally expensive especially if you don’t get a lot of relief from the medication.
  • You can also apply numbing creams for dental procedures. Dental procedures tend to cause a lot of pain and anxiety for patients. Dentists usually prescribe strong painkillers to ease the pain. However, these medicines have undesirable side effects. If you are suffering from a toothache, then you should use numbing cream to reduce some pain.

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