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Nothing is better than being able to move wherever you go without worrying. With the safety of a towing service, you can go wherever you want with peace of mind because if anything happens to the vehicle, the problem will be solved without problems. Generally speaking, vehicle guards provide a radius of distance within which trailers will pick up the vehicle. It can be activated at any time of the day.

See now which situations the coverage covers or you can read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) here.

Electrical Or Mechanical Breakdown

Problems such as leaking hoses, dead batteries, oxidized cables, or changing fuses can happen. Unforeseen events always happen. Even when the vehicle is serviced frequently, it remains willing to face electrical or mechanical failures. To deal with this situation, know that the towing vehicle service is beneficial. He drives the car to the nearest repair shop and frees the associate from other worries.

Tire Change

Several day-to-day situations draw attention to seemingly small details. With lots of uneven, bumpy roads and other problems, the tire situation gets critical more quickly. If you take too long to observe, your tires may fail during your trip. For this reason, the towing vehicle service is beneficial for taking your car to the nearest tire repair shop.

Lack Of Fuel

Another factor linked to the recurring lack of attention is the amount of fuel stored. It can happen that you are absent when you need it most. Or even in situations of wrong calculation of the amount needed to reach a particular destination. Whatever the reason, towing takes the vehicle to the nearest gas station. Problem solved!


Unfortunately, more severe situations can also occur. Other unsuspecting drivers can put you through times of stress and worry. In the event of a collision, the towing service takes care of your vehicle and takes you to one of our accredited workshops. Thus, it minimizes frustrations and superfluous expenses.

Momentary Solutions

If you are wondering about your destination after towing your car, the Vehicular Protection Association has other coverages. Members also have a taxi service with all comfort and safety. Besides, of course, the spare car. Both are highly useful and guarantee all the necessary benefits.


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