Hi, I'm Doctor as Designer.

I am a pediatrician and diabetes specialist, researcher, and design thinker. For my thoughts on design and healthcare please see this talk or slides adapted from the talk below.

This was part one of my design journey.

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This is part two of my design journey.

I blog about design. Sign up to receive updates here. Check out some of these posts:
-Design is not a department
-Shouldn’t we be blaming the design instead of blaming the patient?
-What can Healthcare Learn from a Nuclear Power Plant?
-The Relationship between Healthcare Design and Patient Adherence
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I love to hang out with designers and play with mobile apps and interactive data visualizations. Check out some activities and blogposts here:

-A #health + #design initiative: #healthdesigncupid
-Distinguishing the Hype from Reality in Mobile Health
-If an app transmits data on a deserted island does it really exist?
-#Gchat Medicine?
-#dataviz + #design + #diabetes: The Beginning

I love social media and Twitter! Check out my slideshare about Social Media and Academic Medicine for colleagues. I have created social media homework for my talks for:
-Public Health Students
-Research Colleagues
-Design and Innovation Friends

I love to explore the storytelling capabilities of social media for science and research. As social media editor for JAMA Pediatrics, I am exploring the use of Twitter to tell stories about research content, including the "weapons effect", #sinsofauthors in manuscripts, and clinical case reports.

P.S. I know they are rare, but if you are a unicorn interested in health technology, please contact me!

The Academic Version

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, is a Pediatric Endocrinologist and Clinical and Health Services Researcher at the University of Michigan who studies diabetes and obesity. She specializes in the use of design thinking and emerging technologies for accelerating clinical care and research. She is co-director of the Program in Mobile Technology for Enhancing Child Health, and is Social Media Editor for JAMA Pediatrics. For more information, click here.